May, 2018: "I have been a member at Unity House since 2014. I am now in the process of moving into my own apartment for the first time in many years. If it was not for a stable environment I would not have been able to have found and held down a good job for 4 years. I have also been safe and sober andworking my program. Today I am healthy, happy and am a productive member of society. -Thomas L.
May, 2018: "Unity House has taught me to live sober and have fun at the same time. It has also made me do some soul searching. I have become kind, compassionate and willing to help others. They have also taught me what I need to do to stay sober. I now have a relationship with God today that I have never had before. Thank you Unity House!" -Stan G.
 May, 2018: From a Resident that has been at Unity House for awhile...
"I am in constant with new people coming in. It is a continual reminder of the past; where I have been and what I have gone through. Unity House shows me what I can look forward to in sobriety. "One day at a time"" -Anonymous
 April, 2018: "I am writing this so someone else might find hope. I am addicted to alcohol and meth amphetamine. Because of my addiction I lost my job and home. I then went to rehab. A counselor at the treatment center told me to try Unity House for a place to live. I even got financial help and without it I would have been out of luck. I started going to 12 step meetings and found a sponsor. Since then I found a new job, do not drink or use drugs and am talking with my family again. I have a long way to go but I finally have hope. Unity house was there when nobody else was!" - Anonymous
 March, 2018: "Here I was again badly in need of help. I had no money after spending it all on booze. I had lived at Unity House before and gave Dennis Haut a call for somewhere to stay. I had to be accountable for my actions, I was finally getting the structure I needed. While there I applied for a scholarship and got the financial hand up that I needed. Since then, I have found extended sobriety with a sense of serenity and accomplishment. Without Unity House, God and the scholarship I would have been totally lost." - Kyle A. 
June, 2017: "When I first came to Unity House on 03/05/12 my plans were to stay maybe a month and move on...I found God, which was missing from my life for many years. The staff and residents were very welcoming and willing to listen to me...I was no longer alone. Soon I started to help manage the house, now I manage the largest house and to the intake. If it wasn't for the structure and accountability of Unity House, I know that I would of went back to my old ways and would either be dead or back in prison. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Unity House and their Staff!" - Hippie
 Nov, 2016: "I am doing good. I just wanted to thank you for what Unity House did for my life. God and AA got and kept me sober, obviously, but Unity House gave me a safe place to live while I through all of that.:)" - Curtis
   Aug, 2016: "Thank you for helping me when I really needed it. The mission you provide is a great service to people! - Jim
  July, 2016: "Just wanted to say thank-you for the transition to house four. I'm getting to know the guys a little better now and settling in. Also wanted to say thank you for all you do. For guys like me that need an opportunity when everybody else is telling them no. What a blessing. I know it's up to us, however without you that shot may not have been afforded to us and for that thank-you." God bless and thanks Chad C.
 July, 2016: " My name is Mike and I'm an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery. After doing my first 4th and 5th step I realized I was born an alcoholic. I had alcoholism and drug addiction on both sides of my family. After 1st getting sober in 1988 and armed with a lot of knowledge of the disease I felt I had the tools to stay sober. How wrong I was! This is where Unity house comes in. Here I'm held accountable for my actions. Something I was truly missing on my own. There is no doubt in my mind that Unity House saved my life and for that I am
eternally grateful." - Mike
  March, 2016: "What's on my mind, about to fall asleep for the night and thinking of my blessings... Nxxxx my longest friend for over 20 years. Sxxxxx for her daily support and advice when I ask. Sxxxx for being there and showing me that I'm really worth something. Dennis Haut (Unity House of Davenport) for everything he does, he's the most inspiring man I know, and everything he does to help people like me get back on solid ground. Support  www.unityhouseofdavenport.org   It's a program that had changed my life.
  November, 2015: "Thank you, your staff and the Managers for the opportunity to reside at Unity House. I was very pleased with the whole experience and was able to reach a point in my sobriety that I felt comfortable living alone. Things are going great and I would recommend Unity House to anyone looking for Transitional Housing. Thanks again" - Anonymous    
  September 6, 2014:  "Unity House has been such an immeasurable blessing to me and my family. To have such a wonderful resource for people in recovery right here in our Quad Cities community is rare.  My eldest son has the disease of alcoholism. I'm happy to say he has been sober now for 8 months.  I thank God for His steady hand of Grace upon us both, and for the ministry of Unity House." - Kristi M. 
  April 28, 2013: "I was on a quest of reconstructing my life soberly, in a structured environment where the house was run by the basic principle of staying sober one day at a time and going to meetings.  And I still hold these today.  I would like to also thank the many men I came in contact with for their support in more ways than one." - Christopher W.

February 25, 2013 "I will not paint a pretty picture of my life. I have things bug me and live with my demons everyday some day my life just sucks but I have learned that the only one that can make your life suck is yourself. If you are letting negative people influenced your life you're going to be negative and if you let drama queens influence your life you will have drama. We have all have situations and issues that's life. How we choose to deal with them is the difference in my life today. My life and journey today is amazing because I want it too be. My name is Rodney. I am an alcoholic and I'm not pissed about that today." - Rodney

  May 29, 2012: "I was hopeless and depressed, and really couldn't see ever having a future. I have a few 24 hours of sobriety today, and I have Dennis Haut and the residents of Unity House to thank for that.  I feel I am always welcome in the houses to pass on the Unity House Way." - Brian G.

  April 4, 2012: "I am a living testimony that Unity House does work." - Wiley R.

  March 30, 2012: "My stay at Unity House #5 for the past 90 days has been a very positive experience.  The structured living environment and working the 12 Steps has been an excellent foundation for me to build on." - Eric N.
   February 9, 2012: "...everyone was able to accommodate the house's overall success by adhering to a set of principles grounded in helping one another and the house as a whole...in Unity. Of the greatest importance to me was the sense of well being and security I enjoyed while living in a safe, comfortable environment amongst others quite a bit like me as it turns out." - Steve
  February 9, 2012: "Unity House pulled me back from the brink of destruction.  The structure that Unity House provided kept me accountable and because I simply followed the rules and listened to what was being suggested by so many people my thought processes changed and the craving left me.  Today I remain sober and have moved on from Unity House. I am certain that if it was not for the structure I had for that year, developing relationships with other sober people and church I would still be drinking, institutionalized or dead." - Mark Palmer
  January 18, 2011: "I was scared to leave the safety of the treatment center and be on my own. I was sure I would drink....The rules are just what I needed to focus on my recovery.  I will have nine months of continuous sobriety.  I could not have done it without God, Unity House and (a 12-Step Group)." - Rodney K.
  January 18, 2009: "You (Unity House) gave me the chance to rebuild my life and gave me confidence again.  I won't leave until I am entirely ready no matter if it is 2 years or more." - Steve
 November 2008: "Cooperation, fellowship and recovery the main values emphasized in a Unity House environment.  I was at Unity House from February to November 2008.  The variety of people I met, lived and learned from made this period in my life a positive experience." - Brian G. 
  July 8, 2008: "You have no idea how grateful I am that you are trying to help Brian.  Brian does not have much family.  Being 800 miles away does not help.  I pray that Brian can accept his help and begin to live a "normal" life." - Norma (Family member of past resident)
  June 1, 2008: "I needed the fellowship and structure to help me make the transition into the real world.  I was blessed to be able to be a part of this wonderful organization.  I could not have done this without Unity House.  Thank you and may God bless Unity House." - Anonymous
 March 21, 2008 "I needed a safe place to stay and was starting a new job...I needed fellowship and structure to help me make the transition into the real world...I tried to take it 'One day at a time' and to stay several months. As it turned out I was there about 9 weeks. Today I have my own apartment and live 9 blocks from work. I had a great time at the house and I learned much...I fully recommend Unity House to anyone if they have the opportunity...It's a 'We' thing, not an 'I' thing" - Philip
 March 12, 2008 "Unity House is a great place for a guy to get a hand up not a hand out...This type of environment is for guys that want to stay sober but want to work as well. It is a safe environment where there are men who stay clean and sober and working to pay their own way...I can personally tell you from experience of living at Unity House 2 that fi a guy is just looking for a flop house he will not like Unity Houses. If he is looking for accountability and responsibility and is looking for help in staying clean and sober he will make it at Unity House." - John N.
 December 20, 2007: "I was living a life not worth living before I came to Unity House.  Since you gave me the opportunity to work on the real problem (me) in a sober environment I've learned to enjoy life again." - Gary A.
 August 2, 2007 "I thank God and the General Manager for this opportunity to work with F***** as managers of Unity House 4 and as a man and a friend...Thank you." - Larry S.
  August 1, 2007: "I needed the fellowship and structure to help me make the transition into the real world.  I remember one of the AA readings Dennis emphasizes; Acceptance.  It's a "we" thing not an "I" thing.  Thank you Dennis Haut and Unity House Staff and members." - Phillip
 May 28, 2007 "I was in a strange city with no money, no place to go, very hung over, and scared to death. Then, no less than a miracle occurs and you come along and were willing to take me, sight unseen, into Unity House. Out of the goodness of your heart you trusted me to be responsible and do the right thing when I was financially able...I have been able to come to you for advice and a hug and was always well received with warmth and a kind word. You make me want to be sober and do the right thing which helps to increase my self-esteem and hopefully makes me a better person. Thank you for having faith in me and giving me a chance." - Gary R.
  March 13, 2007: "Thank you for the hand up!!! I just want you to know that I will be moving out at the end of the month, not because I am unhappy or mad at anybody but because I am ready to move on.  What you are doing at Unity House is very Noble and I commend you." - John
  March 12, 2007: "Unity House is a great place for a guy to get a hand up not a hand out.  If a guy is looking for accountability and responsibility and is looking for help staying clean and sober he will make it at Unity House." - John N.
 March 15, 2005 "Thank you so very much for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with us. You carry a very good message. Very much appreciated" - Foxhall
  Undated: "I owe my life to Unity House and ATR Housing program.  It is a good place to recover from drugs, alcohol and even gambling with very good people to listen and help you through your tough days or urges and Dennis is very helpful and caring to help people who want help with any and all old habits." - David C.
 Undated: "I don't believe I could have stood a chance of staying clean and sober without a semi structured environment and a positive attitude along with the support and reinforcement of my friends at Unity House." - Bill
Undated: "I am very grateful that you have created a place for people like me to have a safe place to live while just starting out in the program, to live day to day with others in recovery let me see that I could do it also. Now that I am moving on and taking the next step in my recovery I can look back and see some of the growth and changes I have made in myself since first coming to Unity, don't ever stop doing what you're doing for people, it does work, so again, thank you!!" - Madeline
Undated: "My experience at Unity House was not only life changing but spiritual as well." - Justin S. 
Undated: "...he explained the rules to me and I didn't totally agree with them and decided to call back but still look around for a place to go.  I'm glad I didn't get what I wanted and got what I needed.  Unity House hasn't been an easier life but it has been a clean sober life.  For those of you that don't want and are undecided, all I can say is give this a try and remember, "Life is what you make of it." - Jim B.