About the Founder & CEO

 In 2000, after years of abusing alcohol and drugs I had reached my physical, emotional, and spiritual bottom.  I reached out for help and the recovery community in the Quad Cities was there to support me.  I did what was suggested of me.  I went to 12 step meetings, got a sponsor, and worked the 12 steps.  For the first time in my life, I began to have a genuine relationship with God.  Life began to take on a whole new meaning.  About two years later I decided to undertake the rebuilding of a former crack house to use as rental property.

On April 7th of 2003, with the project of rebuilding the house still underway, I volunteered to deploy as a Department of Defense Civilian to Camp Anaconda in Balad, Iraq.  We worked seven days a week, 16 to 18 hours per day, with the remainder used for some sleep, prayer, and meditation.  While there, I was exposed to some of the Iraqi people and their living conditions.  I realized even more just how much I had to be thankful for.  
With my sponsor as a guide and as an example, I made the decision to convert the house I was rebuilding into a "three-quarter" house (later it became a Transitional House) for recovering alcoholics and addicts in an effort to give back to my community.  My hope was, and is, to provide housing for people coming from treatment centers, yet needing some additional time before making the transition back to living on their own or returning to their families.  
I take no credit for the growth of the Unity House program, since I know well enough that the Good Lord runs the show.  My job is to keep putting one foot in front of the other, listening to his leads and remaining grateful for another day of sobriety.  Praise the Lord.